Earn big $$$ by dump truck driving in the mines, so you can pay off your mortgage with lightning speed and live the lifestyle you desire.

“Hi Lisa, I recently applied for a dump truck traineeship with skilled mining in the Hunter Valley. Today I received a phone call and had a brief interview over the phone.I now have my face to face interview next Wednesday. Safe to say I am excited.”
Sally, NSW 20 August 2015

This practical ebook guide on ‘How to get a job driving dump trucks’ is specifically targeted for those who want to start a career in the Australian mining industry by operating a dump truck. You have discovered this website because you have encountered some roadblocks or simply don’t know where to start. You’re about to end your frustrations and burst through the road blocks because I’m going to teach you the real secrets of big money and dump truck jobs.

♦ You’re new to the mining industry but can’t find the insider information that points you in the right direction on how to get a dump truck driving job.

♦ You’re doing lots of research on the internet but can’t find step by step information that’s really easy to understand and boosts your chances of getting a job. 

♦ Your resume is updated but you need help getting to the right people and companies. 

♦ You’re applying to mining companies, but no one has replied or you’re still getting knockbacks all the time. It’s common, but I’ll help you get past the gatekeepers.

♦ You’ve been trying to gain employment as a dump truck driver for months but recruiters keep telling you that you need experience. I’ll show you the little known secrets of gaining more experience – even if you have no experience at all!

♦ You’re sick and tired of media stories saying that mining companies are screaming out for more workers, but every time you apply, the words “you lack experience” makes you feel like ripping their tonsils out. Don’t worry; I’ve got the perfect solution.

♦ Is the five day dump truck training course worth the money you pay for it? I’ll show you the advantages and the disadvantages. Then I’ll show you the best way to give yourself the best chances moving forward.

If any of these road blocks resonate with you, then you’re absolutely in the right place.  The Dump Truck Discovery ebook will show you exactly how to overcome the roadblocks you’ve been experiencing or might experience.

“I love your book, its a real easy to read – get a job road map.”
D.B., North Richmond (NSW) 21 March 2013

The ebook is packed full of resources that will help you get into a dump truck job quicker. Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

The five different ways on how you can get a dump truck driving job. 

The skills and qualifications you must have on your resume, for each state in mainland Australia. 

Where to get all the skills and qualifications mining companies look for – includes a directory complete with company names and contact details Australia wide.

The advantages and disadvantages of the 5 day dump truck courses, with a complete list of truck training centres Australia wide and my special recommendations on the best actions to take. 

How to write a winning covering letter and resume. This includes tips on resume writing techniques and how to set out an effective resume – a Step by Step Blueprint for high readability resumes. 

Gain rare as diamonds insight into what recruiters look for in resumes when you have little or no mining experience. It’s the favourite resume format of High End HR recruiters. 

An extensive list of mining companies, contractors and recruitment agencies – complete with their web addresses and locations.

As an added bonus, the ebook also includes:

A full description of mining life, including living at mining camps, working on mining sites and fly in/fly out or drive in/drive out lifestyles. 

What to expect in a typical day in the life of a dump truck operator. 

For the ladies, there’s my special personal insight for women in mining. 

The ebook is chock full of practical tips for getting over setbacks. It’s full of successes experienced by me and other workmates, all designed to help you get your dump truck job easier, faster and less hassle. If you want a higher income ASAP, a dump truck job will help you reach it. If you need help to get ahead with your mortgage, a dump truck salary enables you to add extra to your monthly repayments. If you need more money for your children’s education, you can set up a bank account for monthly deposits. If you dream about a much needed annual holiday fun or extra cash to run your lifestyle ‘toys’, then don’t delay your start into a lucrative Australian mining career. Get this eBook now and don’t waste any more time searching for elusive answers. Save time and costly mistakes with your applications. Get the best start possible with Dump Truck Discovery – How to get a job driving dump trucks

                                                  For only $47     

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Download the ebook today, save the document (PDF format) onto your computer/laptop/e-reader and have easy access to your reference guide at any time.

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“Firstly let me say what an awesome service you provide, the eBook is amazing and absolutely full with great information! Thanks! You really should charge more for it, it’s that good!”
Dieter Seil, Christchurch (NZ) 24 February 2013


“Just wanted to thank you for your book. I applied for a trainee dump truck position (crib relief) with Tesa in the Hunter Valley & I have an interview on Thursday!! So glad I have your list of interview questions that I can prepare for & hopefully they don’t throw me anything too tough. I have no machinery experience at all so I’m quite surprised I even have the interview!”
Carrie Sewell, NSW 19 February 2013


“Hi Lisa, thanks for that i also got ur ebook n read through that..very very helpful..not feeling too lost now with the direction to taken. Im still mega excited about the training n going into the dump truck driving for the mines…i was expecting to b put off about but not at all. I would recommend anyone wanting to know helpful hints n a brief outline on the mine life n routine to take a look at the ebook.thank you.”
Sheree Elkington, Perth (WA) 16 January 2013


Thanks so much for your help and the book. It has been a good help
Tracy, Butler (WA) 8 May 2012. ……..
“working at Norseman Mine as a trainee Dump truck Driver i am driving F777 and D777  i am loving it”

Tracy, Butler (WA) 6 August 2012.

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You too can enjoy a six figure income for working 34 weeks of the year! Imagine what you can do with all the extra free time. Watch your mortgage and other debts start to disappear! Feel more secure, end financial stress and enjoy more support than ever before. Don’t delay, learn how to get a job driving dump trucks in the mines today, so you can get to your ideal lifestyle quicker.

$47– a small price for a LARGE salary.

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Safe driving!



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